Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wind in a Wheat Field

Wind in a Wheat Field is the largest painting I have ever created and I am loving working large scale. The color feels so much more dramatic and my brushes love the long sweeping motion. The is a commissioned painting for Gabe and Nicole Ripley. Gabe and Nicole recently remodeled their house and invited me to their lovely house to see what I thought would be a nice piece for their bright entrance. After some discussion and seeing the color flow and feel of the rest of their house I did a few graphite sketches and they picked the wheat as their choice to bring into paint. This is where we are after several hours at the canvas. If they like the direction I am going I will add some richness to the color and bring in detail to the wheat "whispies." I have a feeling I will be painting large scale more often after this. My neighbor Piper is checking out my work and gives scale to the 48" X 48" acrylic painting.