Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Trees

This series of tree paintings was inspired by a painting I did back in the Summer of 2007. I had been painting a very realistic tree but was not inspired by it. The day was beautiful and just as the sun started to set I decided to put down my brushes and go for a walk in the woods. The more I walked the more my head cleared and my mind started to relax and fill with inspiration. I began to see the trees as swirly shapes and colors, dancing in the light. By the time I came back to my painting that evening I couldn't wait to paint these lines. I painted over the realistic tree and soon the "Inspiration Tree" took form.

I keep this painting hanging near my easel to remind me to relax and go outside for inspiration.

This new series is a spinoff of the "Inspiration Tree" to share with you.
Pink = Calming Tree
Yellow = Answer Tree
Multi Yellow and Blues = Transition Tree
Turquoise = Thinking Tree

Each tree is on an 11" X 14" canvas. These are original acrylic paintings. $80.00 each