Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boats and Bare Feet *sold

Boats and Bare Feet is the second painting inspired by a story told by a woman I recently met from Wisconsin. See the story inspiration in the next post titled "From work to Play."

Boats and Bare Feet is a 30" x 30" acrylic painting on stretched canvas. It is available at Peculiar Painter art supply and gallery in Walker, MN. 218-547-3729. 

From Work to Play

From work to Play is a graphite drawing with Derwent Inktense blocks on 140 lb watercolor paper.  Since opening my art supply and gallery I have met a lot of great people with fun stories about traveling the world and all the people they encounter. One story was told by a woman from Bayfield, WI. She described her days living on Madeline Island. She said she had 2 friends that were always there with a phone call when the wind was up. She said they would call and she would go straight from work to the boat, "It didn't matter if I was in heels and a skirt, we were ready to sail." It has been a month since Sally shared this story and 2 new paintings have come about from it.

From Work to Play is framed in an elegant frame by Heritage Custom Framing in Walker. See Peculiar Painter's facebook page for photos of the final work framed and matted.

From Work to Play is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $395.00
405 Front St W - 218-547-3729

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shores of Leech Lake *sold

It has been some time since I have painted on a cradled wood panel. Wood panels keep the paint on the surface and really let the layers stand out. This panel is 1.5" thick which really adds a nice dimension to the final piece as well. 

This is a small 8" x 10" acrylic painting. The inspiration is from the Walker Bay Regatta. The Shores of Leech Lake Yacht club is the center for activity during the regatta. This scene captures the boats as they prepare to head into the big lake. Since moving back to Minnesota I have been inspired, once again, to paint sailing scenes. 

The cradled panel is by Fox Haase Mfg out of Wisconsin and is made with Baltic Birch. Fox Haase sent me a panel sample to test for my store - Peculiar Painter. I am happy with the panel and plan on carrying these panels in the store soon. It is nice to carry a fine product made in the midwest. 

Shores of Leech Lake is available to view or for sale at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN. $110.00

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sandbar Cast

Sometimes a painting just has to go through a transformation. That was the case with this one. This was once a 30" x 30" painting titled Reflection. Reflection had a strong yellow ochre base and a lot of negative space. After 2 years the colors no longer spoke to me and Sandbar Cast was formed out of Reflection. The canvas is now a nice 22" x 20" with warm turquoise and cool blues mixing to make the fishermen look like he is standing on a sandbar with deep water to either side. This fishermen is now in his element and I am happy with the final painting.

Sandbar Cast is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas and available at Peculiar Painter - 405 Front St W - Walker, MN 56484

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Depth Finder *SOLD

Depth Finder was inspired by the Sunshine and a Winsor and Newton paint named Cobalt Turquoise Light.  This piece is 24" x 36" or 36" x 24" depending on the format you hang it. I have always wanted to create an abstract that could hang either horizontal or vertical. This attempt, in the past, always ended with an obvious hanging format. With Depth Finder I have finally succeeded in creating a piece that likes to hang either way.

As I painted this abstract I imagined looking down from the sky into a large, clear, turquoise body of water. I thought about the refreshing dive into this deep, beautiful, cool sea. In a way, it is a topographic map of the layers of refreshment water brings to the earth. Of is abstract so I invite you to interpret Depth Finder in your own way. Enjoy

Depth Finder is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas $300.
It is available for sale at Peculiar Painter - 405 Front St W - Walker, MN 56484.
Please stop in and see it in person.