Friday, November 13, 2015

Modern Scandinavian Songbird Garden

It's been too long since I have created a piece for my Modern Scandinavian garden series. I thought it was time for a cheerful little piece. What could be more cheerful than a sweet song bird sitting on whimsical blooms with a swirly backdrop? 

I contrasted geometric and elongated shapes against over-exaggerated organic shapes and then topped it with vibrant color to give this little painting a sweet and happy tone.

Modern Scandinavian Songbird Garden is professionally framed in a delicate modeled frame with conservation glass. It is approximately 6"x12" and available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $115.00 |  218-547-3729    

Monday, November 2, 2015

Shore Keeper *SOLD

While walking on my Grandmother's property, in northern Minnesota, I was pleased to discover a sweet grouping of grasses along the boarder of her harbor. With the cooler temperatures these grasses must have turned from green to yellow - creating a sweet and happy boarder to the lake. 

It didn't take me long to get to work on these flowing beauties. I had the color scheme in mind and started sketching. I felt a square 40"x40" canvas would work best for this piece. The final piece is meant to put the viewer at ease. It is a calm piece. Think of walking by the lake on a lovely autumn morning with a cup of coffee in hand and nothing but inspiration on your mind.

Shore Keeper is a 40"x40" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 1.5" thick stretcher bars and painted edges. The last photo (shown above) is the photo I took for inspiration. Shore Keeper is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $940.00. | 218-547-3729

Thursday, October 29, 2015

This Land

This Land is my newest painting on 140 lb paper. I used the technique of Red Earth FW ink for my base drawing and then overpainted with acrylic to give it a printed look. 

My inspiration for this piece was a fancy shawl dancer at an Onigum Pow Wow. I decided to create an open prairie feeling for the background to give the dancer a sense of limitless space and connection to the land. The dancer, in real life, wore pastel pinks, blacks and bright blue tones in her shawl. I decided to use earth tones to make her feel like she blended right into the landscape. We are all connected to the land and draw inspiration from her beauty. 

This Land will be available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN after she is professionally framed. Size is approximately 14"x18" - before being framed. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Natural Habitat *SOLD

Natural Habitat was inspired by golden sunsets and flowing fields. When the light starts to fade and everything is illuminated in a warm gorgeous glow - we can't help but take it all in and enjoy the beautiful world around us. 

A wild field with tall flowing wildflowers and grasses has a romance about it that calls to be painted. This piece is meant to be calming - to remind the viewer of warm Autumn sunsets and golden light over free fields. 

Natural Habitat is a 24"x48" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 1.5" thick stretcher bars. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $625.00 | 218-547-3729

Fancy Shawl Dancer *SOLD

I have had the good fortune of being able to attend several Pow Wows in the Leech Lake area this summer. The Jingle Dress and Fancy Shawl dances are some of my favorite for accentuating the beautiful flowing style of the dancers. This illustration/painting is based on one of the fancy shawl dancers from the Leech Lake tribe. 

I sketched this piece with graphite and then overlaid my lines with FW Ink. My last step was to over paint with acrylic paint. I was careful to not overpower the dancer but hint at the vibrant colors of the dance. 

A good framer can really bring a piece alive. I went with Joel's advise at Heritage Framing and had him double matt the piece. He added a beautiful touch of raising the image slightly to give it a beautiful presence. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Red Canoe *SOLD

FW artist inks have been a fun new tool for me. With this piece, I sketched my drawing using paynes grey ink and then over-painted with acrylic paint. The heavy-weight watercolor paper added a nice texture to the simple piece.

I felt like adding more pop to the piece with a bight cobalt turquoise coat of paint on the square frame. The final piece is a modern, simple - little piece with a lot of personality. The 4.25" artwork is framed to a final size of 7". Red Canoe is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $46.00 | 218-547-3729 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dappled Forest *SOLD

This tiny little canvas packs a bold - naples yellow and teal punch. It is hard to see all the texture  on this canvas - from the photo - but you will see it in person. I used a modeled plaster - applied with palette knife - before adding the color. Because of this - light will hit the surface different from every angle - giving it a unique effect. 

Dappled Light is a 5" square acrylic painting on stretched canvas. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $65.00 | 218-547-3729