Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bittersweet - Daybreak

When it rains for 5 days straight - I'm bound to brighten my palette to try and bring a little sunshine to my eyes. That is the case with Bittersweet - Daybreak

One of my favorite color combinations is Naples Yellow Deep with Pyrolle Red because it creates a warm sunset base - as it did with this little painting.

Bittersweet - Daybreak is a 8"x8" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with painted edges. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $65.00 | 218-547-3729

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bittersweet - Headstong

Bittersweet - Headstrong is at the framer receiving it's finishing touches. It will be mounted and displayed in a beautiful wood frame with just the right tone to really bring out the orange berries.

Actual artwork size is 8.5"x16.75" - final artwork in frame will be 10.25"x18.5". 

Bittersweet - Headstrong will be available soon at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $225.00  - framed | 218-547-3729

Bittersweet - Berry Clusters

Bittersweet - Berry Clusters is a sweet little 8"x10" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with painted edges.  

This piece is - of course - inspired by the bright little pops of color found hidden in nature as they climb - displayed on beautiful branches in the forest. 

Bittersweet - Berry Clusters is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $92.00 | 218-547-3729

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lake View Beyond the Evergreen - commissioned painting *SOLD

Lake View Beyond the Evergreen is a commissioned painting from husband to wife - A Mother's Day gift. Happy Mother's day P.F from P.F.

This commissioned piece was to remain a secret until……probably until about now.
P.F called me with an idea, "will you visit our property up north and see what catches your eye to paint, perhaps a tree or lake view? See what you think and then we will talk about size etc."

I did just that - I visited their lovely home and imagined this couple enjoying their beautiful outdoor patios and lovely lake view. I took several photos and narrowed down the choices by doing loose sketches and explaining my ideas to P.F. Since this couple already owns several of my pieces I didn't have to explain my style - just my ideas.

After the concept was decided on - we talked about size, title and timeline. I hope P.F. is happy with her custom painting and I hope it was a complete surprise. I look forward to introducing you to your piece in person.

Lake View Beyond the Evergreen is a 30"X10" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 1.5" thick stretcher bars and painted edges. 

Friday, May 8, 2015


In a book titled_The Book of Herbal Wisdom_by Matthew Wood, I read about the Hawthorn tree. I was intrigued by Matthew's description. He says, "The Hawthorn (one of the darlings of the herbalists) represents the opportunity for experience. It is found any place where it is possible to prick one's finger and fall, pell-mell, headfirst into experience - that is to say, something beyond oneself."

How can you not be intrigues by the Hawthorn after a description like that?

Last week, I was out for a walk with my husband. When I asked him what the beautiful blooms were - I was excited to hear that they were Hawthorn blooms. The delicate blooms with their whimsical orange stamen - contrasting the long thorns - made for an excellent painting subject.

Originally I was going to paint the blooms against a subtle grey-ochre background but this piece called for brilliant greens, yellows and hints of cobalt green. More Hawthorn bloom paintings are sure to follow!

Hawthorn is a 40"x30" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 1.5" thick stretcher bars and painted edges. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $ 720.00 | 218-547-3729

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monarch Sanctuary

Monarch Sanctuary was inspired by a field of beautiful milkweed pods dancing against a golden background of grasses and vines. Most of the seeds have flown but one pod remains with seeds ready to blow off into the field.

With the Monarch Butterfly disappearing - we are encouraged to protect milkweed. I would love to see more of these graceful pods springing up around us. Every stage of a milkweed stem is beautiful - from leaves to flowers to pods! Finding them with Monarch Caterpillar makes it even more magical!

Monarch Sanctuary is a 24" square acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 1.5" stretcher bars and painted edges. It is available for $450.00 at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN | 218-547-3729

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Imperial - commissioned painting *SOLD

The Imperial is unlike any other painting subject I have taken on before.  After getting in the habit of painting organic nature lines - it was a challenge for me to focus on straight angles and man made structures but I liked the idea of creating a special painting - a surprise from Husband to Wife. 

I received a call asking me to create a new piece to match a painting this couple already owned - painted by me. The size would be the same as the other - 36" x 48".  I was given a small photo of a hotel in Imperial, Nebraska along with a little background on the town and area. I decided to use bright colors and add birds flying as if they are migrating north. The significance of the birds is to represent "hometown" or the foundation to set this woman on her journey. The other significance was to add more movement to the scene. 

The surprise was fun to witness and I enjoyed being part of a special gift from one very loving husband to his very cool wife.