Monday, May 21, 2018

After the Fire *SOLD

After the Fire was inspired by the stem of a Fire Weed after the blooms are finished. Fire Weed itself is a beautiful plant but I am most fond of the swirl it creates when the stem is dried by the elements. The movement and color has a harmonious feel. I read that Fire Weed is one of the first plants to take over after a fire. The title has double meaning - after the fire - Fire Weed appears. After the Fire Weed blooms - harmonious swirls appear.

This piece is hard to photograph - it really must be seen in person to feel the true color and movement. Also, the colors change dramatically depending on the light. I used a lot of deep Naples yellow to contrast the rich reds but also added a top layer of a warm grey that comes out when the painting is in shadow. 

After the Fire  is a 12"x36" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with painted edges. Stretcher bars are 1.5" thick with cross braces. This pieces will be available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $395.00 | 218-547-3729

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

October Textile *SOLD

I finally get to share the original artwork for my new table runners. I've been waiting to post the artwork until I had the table runners available. Today the table runners arrived! Since working with Ekelund weavers in Sweden - I have been creating original designs for Peculiar Painter art gallery. These are the 3rd and 4th custom designs for the store.

I knew I wanted to create a birch tree textile design but I wasn't sure about the colors. After having the Sweden weavers create textiles in 2 color schemes - I still couldn't decide. The solution - print them both!

We now have October Textile Blue and October Textile Grey available at Peculiar Painter. Textiles are 14"x47" and woven with organic cotton linen. Runners are $46.00 each

The original painting is also available. October Textile painting is brushed ink on 140 lb. hot press arches paper. It is professionally framed and matted with conservation glass. Size is approximately 15"x31.5". It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $535.00 | 218-547-3729

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Myrtle *SOLD

Things were not going how I envisioned them yesterday so I sat down to paint and clear my mind. If you are having a rough day - paint a warbler, drink a cup of coffee and go for a walk = recipe to turn a frustrating day good. How can you not relax when you see the sweet face of this little Yellow Rumped / Myrtle Warbler? I had photographed him last year - at my parents bird feeder. I like his striped style and yellow accessories. He makes a fun painting subject.

Myrtle is a 6"x6" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with painted edges with painted edges. He is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN  | 218-547-3729

Shore Lunch - •SOLD

Shore Lunch is inspired by sunsets, fishing, calm waters and outboard motors. There is a family that occupies Minnesota Island in the summer. I've always said, "this family knows how to enjoy Minnesota summers. They are either fishing, jumping off a raft, having a bonfire or just visiting at a picnic table with a cup of coffee. I often see their aluminum boat taking supply runs to resorts and landings to pick up friends, family and supplies. This painting is a glimpse of this summer loving family.

Shore Lunch is a 16"x20" acrylic painting on cradled wood panel with painted edges. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN 


As the temperatures warm I see the plant life coming out of their winter shells and breathing fresh life. All these pods of life greening and budding inspired this little vibrant piece.

Exhale is a 6"x6" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with thick 1.5" painted edges. It is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for 65.00 | 218-547-3729