Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nature Sketches

Sketching is my form of meditation - nestle in a chair with a good pencil, textured paper and a few tunes and my mind relaxes to thoughts of lines and form. Winter is the best time for sketching.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Soul as Form

Soul as Form is a 24" x 36" acrylic painting on stretched canvas. If this painting looks familiar you may have seen it in an earlier stage. I posted it as "Feminine Nouveau" a nude figurative painting. 

There are 2 reasons I updated this painting. ...well actually 3 reasons. The first being - I like clothes. I like to paint clothes. I like the way they drape and flow and define a style. I kept coming back to the idea of flowing dresses and more color. Once I started painting the clothes I began to love the painting.

The 2nd reason for adding the clothing was the change of season. As winter started to set in, the women started to look less free and more...  cold. Yes ...I am laughing. The 3rd reason for the clothing is that nude paintings are not commonly accepted in public spaces. Until I find a space that embraces nude paintings I am happy to paint figures in flowing clothes. 

Bittersweet III

This is the smallest of the bittersweet paintings I have created so far. It is a 12" x 12" painting on stretched canvas and is acrylic. The bittersweet berries are so vivid and their movement so lively - it just makes me happy to paint them. 

I recently sold Bittersweet II and the new owner sent me a photo of it in its new home. I love to see where my paintings live once they leave my easel. I hope this one finds a home as beautiful as the last one.