Monday, November 25, 2019

Seasons Collide

This past October brought some amazing golds, ocher and reds to the trees in the north woods. One day I went for a walk thinking how gold everything was. The next day brought snow and the contrast of the white against the yellows and birch tones was so striking I had to try and capture it. 

My final piece feels more like a warm fall day than the first snow...I'm ok with that. This piece is created with palette knife and brush. The layers are thick with some fine detail in the bark and branches but overall it is a loose painting with the focus on color.

Seasons Collied is a 30"x40" acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Stretcher bars are 7/8" thick with cross braces. Edges are painted. This piece is available at Peculiar Painter in Walker, MN for $2,300.00 (professionally framed). | 218-547-3729