Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gait [final]

Gait is a 24" x 30" acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The painting was inspired by a branding day in 2009 out in Cardwell, Montana. This cowboy was walking his horses to their trailers after a long afternoon branding cattle. He was on his way to the next ranch and more branding. It is impressive to see neighbors pitching in and all helping each other out. There is a particular look to a true cowboy gait - long, confident and fast but not hurried. 

Gait [beginning sketch on canvas]

A few people have asked me about my process in starting a figurative painting. This photo is an example of step #2 in my painting process. Step #1 is to prepare the canvas with a thick coat of gesso mixed with the highlight and shadow tones that will appear in the painting. Next I sketch the figures using one color. I usually do this with either a dark blue or burnt sienna, as shown here. I rough in the background and then the really fun part begins.....COLOR.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ochre meets Blue [necklace]

When Yellow Ochre meets Blue good things happen. 
Hand shaped, hand painted, original one of a kind necklace on 15" leather cord.

Perfect Timing

When the sun hits the Earth at just the right angle and you feel the warmth of light wrap around you...that is what I was going for here.
 Hand shaped, hand painted, original - one of a kind pendant on double strung leather cord.

Candle Keeper [necklace]

Warm and cool are separated by a thin navy line in this piece - a light hearted dance.  Hand shaped, hand painted, original - one of a kind pendant on double strung leather cord.

Inspired by Picnic Tables [necklace]

Read the title and you will see the inspiration.
Hand shaped, hand painted, one of a kind pendant strung on leather cord.

Path [necklace]

"Follow the path you lay and hope others get in the way".
Hand shaped, hand painted, one of a kind pendant strung on leather cord.

Necklace collection - first of 2013

The need to create necklaces has hit. Here are the first of 2013 with many more to come.  These are porcelain, hand shaped, hand painted necklace on 15-16" leather cord.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Firefly Tree

The Firefly Tree is a small 5" x 5" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with thick 1.5" gallery style stretcher bars.  A tiny little painting requires a lot of care and attention...and little brushes. Sometimes I feel like painting large scale with sweeping motion but recently small delicate pieces appeal to me.  This little piece has many layers of colors which come out with the right light.

Spring Suspense

Spring Suspense is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting on stretched canvas with 3/4" stretcher bars.  This painting was inspired by a trip to the Gallatin River in the Spring of 2010. The snow was just starting to melt and an eager fishermen was wading out into the sunshine to catch some fish. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rising with the Sun

Rising with the Sun is a graphite sketch on watercolor paper 24" x 30". This sketch was inspired by a Spring trip to Moab, Utah last year. My friend Kristine and I were walking in a beautiful canyon surrounded by warm tones, light rain and peaceful air. Kristine tried out a few yoga poses overlooking the canyon - this is one of those poses. Imagine a canyon behind her....I might have to sketch that too.